Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick it once and you'll suck forever....

We don't use chromoly - not on our frames, our forks nor our steerers.



We do use super lightweight aluminium... loads of it.



We don't cut corners on parts you can't see... (that's our aluminium steerer below by the way) fact most of the time we just plain go the other way



...more towards the nth degree.



 To the extent that if there are the parts we feel are right that we can't find, we'll make them ourselves. We've probably more tools than Bob the Builder.





We will never put our name to some cheap knock off bike, made with furniture glue and soft poplar veneers hidden behind thin birch faces... and plastic wheels.
I mean, come on.



Instead, we'll just carry on buying our own grade A birch, hand picking the best veneers irrespective of whether they are for our core or primary faces



...and then we'll laminate them ourselves, in our own bespoke presses, in our own factory, using only the best certified WBP glue (that's 'Water and Boil Proof' to you and I).



And results will remain the same. Beautiful frames worth of a beautiful finish and the very best components.



We like the way we do things and wouldn't have it any other way. We would always rather innovate than copy.







... and we innovate a lot. And whilst you may hear in the Mill the occasional 'how much???'




You'll never hear, 'let's not bother'.