Cleaning your Bike - Dos and Don'ts

Have you been out riding? Bike needing some TLC? Cleaning your bike is vital to keep it running smoothly long term. We've put together some tips to keep you on the right cleaning track. 

girl using a bike tool to tighten her seat clamp


- Make your clean a routine. We recommend cleaning after really wet muddy rides. As a general rule of thumb you should clean once a month.
- Use warm soapy water.
- Make sure to fully dry after, use a microfibre towel.
- We recommend Peaty’s products. Their stuff is harsh on dirt but not on our bikes and the environment.
- If you have disc brakes, spray some Peaty’s disc brake cleaner on the rotors after you’ve washed the bike to get rid of any residue. Avoid getting any soap or greasy products on the disc rotors as this could potentially contaminate your pads.
- For chain drive bikes you should degrease with Peaty’s foaming degreaser, wash off and dry. Then top up with Peaty’s Linklube. We recommend their ‘all weather’ Linklube as it’s long lasting and works well in all riding conditions.

girl washing her bike


- Don’t use a pressure washer. Although they are a quick and easy way to blast the filth off your bike, they also have the ability to strip the grease from bearings and blast the lacquer away. Plus, by not using one of these you save a hefty amount of water and electricity.
- Don’t over clean. Cleaning too often can remove grease from important areas and water can enter areas it shouldn’t and once inside, water is difficult to remove.
- Don’t use any harsh chemicals on the bike. Make sure to use bike specific cleaning products, that’s why we like Peaty’s.
- Don’t leave your bike soaking. Ensure to fully dry it. Take extra care over moving components.
- Don’t do it without your kids. Do it for them, they will have a clean bike now. Teach them how, they’ll have a clean bike forever.
- Don’t put any lube on the belt (if your bike has one), it doesn’t need maintenance.
- Don’t add new lube to old lube, it isn't going to do you any favours. Clean your chain before applying new lube. 


bike with soap suds