It's just a normal Friday

Black Friday. It's not how we roll.

Girl riding an aluminium balance bike riding in the woods

The term ‘Black Friday’ originated in the US during the 1960’s where police officers grappled with of turkey and pumpkin pie fuelled shoppers as they flocked into cities causing traffic chaos post-Thanksgiving. Nowadays it’s a global phenomenon. Black Friday now marks the start of holiday spending as shoppers are drawn into unmissable deals on items they never even knew they needed. We’ve all done it. (Heated screwdriver, anyone?)

Aluminium bikes lined up in a workshop

But we don’t want that label for our bikes. We know we're not an impulse purchase; when you come to buy an Early Rider you’ve generally done your homework. While a discount might be an added bonus it’s unlikely to be the key factor. The price of our products is a reflection of what it costs to make, to keep our workforce happy and to deliver a quality product at a fair price and as Keith Bontrager famously said, "strong, lightweight, cheap - pick two."

Man and dog sitting on a sofa

The vision of Early Rider, the aim if you like, is to create functional, long lasting, beautiful bikes. Bikes intrinsically linked with starting or continuing an adventure, more a 'memory-maker' than a quick and easy solution for a Christmas or birthday present. What I guess we are saying is, the value is in what they are intended for and what you do with them, not what price you paid for them or the fact they solve the annual conundrum of what to put under the tree.

Girl riding down a dirt path

So instead of buying stuff this Friday, why not make time to grab your bike and head off on an adventure.